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Jordan Sinclair came to Oakdale in the hopes of landing a big job at Barbara Ryan Originals.  Although once a very successful company it was now struggling, so Barbara Ryan hired the ambitious Jordan as her assistant.  Jennifer initially disliked Jordan, but it didn't take long for him to change her mind and they became close friends.  Jordan's new neighbor at the Lakeview was Rosanna Cabot.  Rosanna, the CEO of Cabot Motors, tried to lure him away from BRO, saying that Paul Ryan intended to oust Barbara from BRO.  Jordan stayed with BRO and soon learned the real reason he had been hired.  Barbara Ryan was going blind!

Jennifer and Jordan were growing closer, but Jennifer appeared to have some competition in Rosanna.  Rosanna even managed to keep Jordan from a date with Jennifer one evening.  Confused as to why Rosanna was so interested in him, Jordan was shocked when Paul presented him with a portfolio of information Rosanna had gathered about Jordan.  An angry Jordan confronted Rosanna and was shocked with what he learned.  Rosanna had been told by some unknown person that in order to get the adopted child she had lost returned to her, she had to marry Jordan!  It made no sense to Jordan but when he saw Rosanna's despair, he agreed to marry her.

Jennifer was not happy about the marriage but Jordan convinced her it was only a marriage of convenience and Rosanna meant nothing to him.  Things only became more complicated as it was discovered the man pulling all the strings was none other than James Stenbeck.  The surprises continued as it was revealed that Jordan was actually the son of James Stenbeck and the baby Cabot was actually the son of Jordan.  Jordan did not want to be a part of the baby's life and was ready to sign all his rights over to Rosanna as she had requested.  However as he was about to sign the papers, Jennifer convinced Jordan that he should take some time and get to know the baby.  Jordan quickly realized he wanted to be a part of his son's life.

As Jennifer and Jordan continued to grow closer, Paul and Rosanna started a relationship with each other.  Barbara was worried that the romantic relationships would bring James into their lives and put them in danger.  Meanwhile, James was insisting that Rosanna and Jordan consummate their marriage.  Rosanna was willing to do anything to insure that she could keep Cabot, but Jordan refused.  Instead Paul came up with a plan to get James out of their lives for good by having him transferred to a different prison.  While he was being transferred, with Barbara's help, James escaped.   James then kidnapped Rosanna and Cabot.  Paul found them and was able to rescue Rosanna, but there was an explosion before he was able to rescue Cabot.  Both Rosanna and Jordan were completely overcome with grief from the death of Cabot.  Instead of turning to Paul and Jennifer for comfort, they turned to each other.  They immediately regretted what had happened. Sadly, Jennifer arrived the next morning in time to discover that Rosanna and Jordan had spent the night together.  Jennifer was never able to forgive Jordan and it was the end of their relationship.

No longer being able to work at BRO, Jordan went to work for Lucinda Walsh at Worldwide.  He soon became friends with Lucinda's daughter Sierra who had recently returned to Oakdale.  Lucinda tried to take advantage of that friendship and asked Jordan to keep an eye on Sierra and keep her away from her ex-husband, Craig Montgomery.  Feeling used, and refusing to spy on his friend, Jordan soon left Oakdale.

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