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Jennifer Louise Munson Bio

Actor History            

  • Michelle Ann Nemeh (1990 to 1991)

  • Sara Garney (1992 to 1993)

  • Brianne Sassone (1993 to 1995)

  • Alexandra Herzog (1995 to 1999)

  • Kim Onasch (July 1999 to March 5th, 2002)

  • Jennifer Ferrin (July 9th, 2003 to July 2006)


  • Born (on-screen) October 29,1990 (Revised to 1983 when she was aged to 16 in 1999)  No official revision after that but appeared to be aged slightly when Jennifer Ferrin took over the role.

  • Died of viral pneumonia July 7, 2006

  • Occupation

    • Designer for "Street Jeans"

    • Former Model for BRO and worked in Europe

    Resided At

    • The Lakeview with her mother Barbara, along with Dusty Donovan and her son Johnny.

    Marital Status 

    • Married Dustin Donovan (married on her deathbed)

    • Divorced (Mike Kasnoff)


    • Darryl Crawford (biological father)

    • Barbara Ryan (mother)

    • Hal Munson (adopted father)

    • Paul Ryan (half-brother)

    • Will Munson (half-brother)

    • Johnny Dixon (half-brother; Deceased)

    • Carrie Crawford (half-sister)

    • Nikki Munson (stepsister)

    • Adam Munson (stepbrother)

    • Parker Munson (stepbrother)

    • Chuck Ryan (maternal grandfather; Deceased)

    • Jennifer Sullivan Hughes (maternal grandmother; Deceased)

    • Rick Ryan (uncle)

    • Frannie Hughes (aunt)

    • Melinda Grey (aunt/deceased)

    • Claire Munson Shelby (aunt)

    • Tess Shelby (cousin)

    • Kim Hughes (great-aunt)

    • Andy Dixon (1st cousin once removed)

    • Sabrina Hughes (1st cousin once removed)

    • Christopher Hughes (1st cousin once removed)

    • Hope Dixon (2nd cousin)


    • John Dustin Munson (w/Craig Montgomery)


    • Bryant Montgomery (Dated)

    • William "Billy" Ross (Lovers)

    • Andres (Lovers)

    • Jordan Sinclair (Dated)

    • Mike Kasnoff (Married)

    • Craig Montgomery (One-Night Stand)

    • Dustin Donavan (Married)


    Character History


    Jennifer Louise Munson is named after her maternal grandmother, Jennifer Sullivan Ryan, who was the sister of Kim Hughes.  She is the product of a brief adulterous affair that her mother Barbara Ryan Munson had with Darryl Crawford in Europe.  To cover the affair and to make her husband Hal Munson believe Jennifer was his child, Barbara pretended she was farther along in her pregnancy than she was.  When Jennifer was born prematurely, nobody was suspicious.  Well nobody except Margo Hughes, who wondered why Barbara would be traveling around her due date. That set off Margo's radar that this was not Hal's child. Barbara first tried to pass off Jennifer as being the child of Gavin Krueger, but the truth eventually came out that Darryl Crawford was in fact her father.  When Hal found out he was not Jennifer's father, he divorced Barbara and she raised Jennifer on her own in the early years.  Hal Munson would later re-enter Jennifer's life and adopt her as his daughter.  He is the only father she has ever known and thinks of him as her father.

    Keeping things all in the family, Darryl Crawford married Barbara's half-sister Frannie Hughes.  A surrogate mother gave birth to Jennifer's half-sister Carrie Crawford.  Carrie was the child of Darryl and his late wife Carolyn and was born about the same time as Jennifer.  When Darryl told Frannie that Jennifer was his child she left him and Darryl ended up leaving town.

    Barbara and Hal would marry again shortly after the birth of her brother William Ryan Munson, but the marriage didn't last long.  Jennifer stayed with her mother, but visited Hal often. 

    Eventually John Dixon entered Barbara's life and she became pregnant again.  They were married, but the happiness was not to last very long.  Sadly there was a fire at the church while Barbara was there and she was badly injured and in a coma.  To save Barbara's life John agreed to have the baby "Johnny," Jennifer's half-brother, delivered early.  Unfortunately it was just too early for Johnny and he wasn't strong enough to survive.  When Barbara came out of the coma and recovered, she was never able to forgive John for that decision and blamed him for the death of the baby and preventing her from every having the chance to hold him.  That was the end of their marriage although they were later able to become friends again.

    Jennifer came to know her step-sister Nikki Munson when she arrived in town in 1995.  This was quite a surprise to Hal as he was unaware that he had a daughter. 

    As an adolescent Jennifer went off to boarding school and thanks to the wonders of sorasing she soon returned to Oakdale as a teenager when her parents reconciled.

    Teen Years

    Jennifer returned to Oakdale in 1999, now aged to 16, around the time of Hal and Barbara's third wedding.  She became very close to her step-brother Adam at this time and he eventually moved into the Munson household.  As a teenager Adam learned that the man he knew as his father, Tom Hughes, was really not his father, but rather Hal Munson was his biological father.  Adam was the product of an affair between Hal and his co-worker Detective Margo Hughes.  At this time Tom and Margo were separated and Adam put much of the blame on Tom, so much so that he changed his name to Adam Munson from Adam Hughes.  Jennifer played an important role in helping him deal with all of this.

    At the age of 17, after complaining about the lack of romance in her life, enter 19 year old Bryant Montgomery who had just returned to Oakdale. Jennifer began dating Bryant, but soon found out that he was stringing along her best friend, Abigail Williams.  She broke off the relationship, but it wasn't long before they reunited.  Abigail knew it was Jennifer that Bryant really cared about.  Unfortunately Jennifer became blinded by love and had some serious lapses in judgment.  At Bryant's request she took her baby step-brother Parker along without a car seat.  Unfortunately they were in an accident and Parker almost died as a result of that.  Parker was Hal's son from a marriage to Carly Tenney in between marriages 2 and 3 of Hal and Barbara.  The accident put a real strain on the relationship between Jennifer and Hal.  As Hal lashed out at Jennifer, it left her feeling that Hal cared more about Parker because he was Hal's own flesh and blood.  Parker survived and eventually the relationship between Hal and Jennifer was mended.

    Of course it wasn't smooth sailing after that.  Barbara had become bored in her marriage to Hal and was easily seduced when Craig Montgomery, Bryant's father, came calling.  Both Bryant and Jennifer realized that Craig was just using  Barbara.  Jennifer was very vocal in her protest with her mother and threatened to move out if Barbara didn't start acting more like a mother.  Barbara didn't and Jennifer moved out and into Lucinda Walsh's cabin with Bryant.  However Jennifer refused to sleep with Bryant despite their living together and that created a lot of tension in their relationship.  Despite the objections of family and friends, Barbara divorced Hal and married Craig.  While Barbara moved in with Craig at the Lakeview, her children remained loyal to Hal.

    It didn't take Barbara long to learn the marriage was a mistake and that Craig was embezzling money from BRO.  Barbara found proof of the embezzlement and set up a meeting with Jack Snyder at the boathouse.  Unfortunately  somebody thought Jack was meeting Carly Snyder there and set up a bomb.  The bomb exploded but Barbara ended up the victim instead of Carly.  Barbara was seriously injured and scarred in the explosion.  She rejected both Jennifer and Will and would only see her son Paul, who returned to Oakdale following the bombing. 

    Meanwhile Jennifer was learning more about Bryant and suspected he was just like his father.  When she learned he had lied to her, she moved out.  Despite having become attracted to Bryant's cousin Billy Ross, after Bryant relinquished his trust fund, Jennifer moved back in with him.  However her attraction to Billy couldn't be denied and eventually she lost her virginity to Billy.  They knew they would hurt Bryant but they couldn't deny their feelings for each other.  They intended to tell Bryant but he found them first.  After a very emotional confrontation with Jennifer and then unable to reach his father on the phone, Bryant took off in his car.  Sadly, driving recklessly, he was in an accident that took his life.

    While Jennifer was distraught over Bryant's death, she and Billy were determined to keep their relationship a secret from Bryant's family.  Unfortunately their relationship couldn't survive the secrecy.  Jennifer who had been doing some modeling for BRO decided to take a job doing some modeling overseas.  Shortly after her return, Hal disappeared.  Hal had been searching for Emily who had disappeared, along with Carly and Rose.   Jennifer then helped her brother Paul in raising Will and Parker.  Hal returned, but while missing had been brainwashed by James Stenbeck but with treatment, he recovered.  Paul then told Jennifer about a modeling job in Tokyo.  She was hesitant, but Hal encouraged her to go.  What Jennifer thought was a single commercial, turned out to be a whole advertising campaign and led to more work in Europe.  Jennifer pursued her modeling job for a few years.

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