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Here you will find previews and scenes of appearances by Jennifer on various shows.

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Media Clips Featuring Jennifer Ferrin Performances



As the World Turns

Jennifer Ferrin on the daytime drama, As The World Turns as Jennifer Munson Donovan.

The Kill Point

Jennifer Ferrin as Chloe a hostage in a bank robbery in the Spike TV mini-series, The Kill Point.

Life On Mars

Jennifer Ferrin as Rose Tyler in the ABC TV prime time drama set in the 1970's Life on Mars.


Jennifer Ferrin as Susan/Nancy on "The Road Not Taken" on the FOX Network prime time sci-fi drama Fringe.

Law & Order SVU

Jennifer Ferrin appeared as Rena West in the episode titled "Unstable" on the long running drama on NBC.

The Cape

Jennifer Ferrin appears in the new NBC show as Dana Faraday, the wife of the man who becomes the Cape.

Royal Pains

Jennifer Ferrin appeared as "Kate" in "Rash Talk" on the hit series Royal Pains on the USA Network.


Jennifer Ferrin appeared as "Janine Barlow" in "Spirited Away" on the prime time series Unforgettable on CBS.

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