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Here you'll find a preview of upcoming appearances by Jennifer Ferrin on Life on Mars as well as media that can be downloaded showing Jennifer's portion of the story.


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Episode 104 10/30/08

Sam is unwillingly but hypnotically pulled back into his childhood when he becomes entangled in local gangster Nick Profaci's assault on a young, beautiful woman. Sam is amazed to discover that the woman, who is oddly familiar to him, is actually his mother back in 1973. While he anxiously attempts to save her, he uncovers two unsolved murders of women that possibly point to the involvement of Profaci and his mob boss, Elliot Casso's. But even more alarming is the discovery that members of the 1-2-5 -- including Lt. Hunt -- may be mixed up with Casso and his crew and may have prevented justice from being carried out.

Preview of Episode 104

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Episode 107 11/20/08

When the baby of a prominent family is kidnapped for ransom, Sam Tyler is shocked to discover that his own father, Vic Tyler, may be involved. Sam was only four when his father abruptly skipped town under mysterious circumstances back in 1973. Was he sent back in time to stop his father from leaving his family? Vic agrees to cooperate with the squad in order to retrieve the missing baby, but the deeper Sam gets into his father's world, the closer he gets to uncovering some dark, sordid truths, compelling him to face long suppressed childhood memories. His discovery culminates in a shattering face-off, after which Sam will never be the same

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