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It was the Ryan family that brought an adult Dusty back to Oakdale.  Barbara Ryan brought Dusty to town to break up the relationship between her son Paul and Rose D'Angelo.  Although friends with Paul, Dusty needed the money after the failure of some dot com businesses and getting involved with the wrong people.  The plan worked and when an angry Paul learned what his mother had done he left Oakdale.  When trying to find Paul's whereabouts, it appeared that he had been killed in a plane crash.

After learning of her brother's death, Jennifer returned to Oakdale and was surprised a few days later when Paul returned, alive and well.  Jennifer quickly learned that Paul was still in love with Rose, who was now with Dusty.  Jennifer wanted to help her brother, so she tried to seduce Dusty in order to get him away from Rose.  At that time, Dusty showed no interest in a relationship with Jennifer.  However on his own, Paul managed to once again win Rose's heart.  They reunited and made plans to marry.  Their happiness was short lived when Rose collapsed at the altar and died as a result of being poisoned by Jennifer's younger brother Will.  He hadn't intended to kill Rose but wanted to prevent Paul from leaving Oakdale and the family.

Jennifer and Dusty would again meet up when Dusty became the manager of Street Jeans.  Their friendship was instantly renewed and Dusty became someone that Jennifer could confide in.  It was Dusty who convinced her she had to be honest with Mike about what had happened with Craig.  The one thing that Dusty worried about was whether or not Jennifer could do it all as she wanted to, being a wife, mother and designer. 

When Jennifer was distraught after finding Mike and Katie in the hotel room in Chicago, it was Dusty she called.  Despite being out on a date with Meg Snyder, Dusty went to Barbara's cabin to check on Jennifer. It was not the first time Dusty had left Meg when Jennifer called and it wasn't going to be the last.  Dusty got to the cabin as Jennifer was going into labor.  Although he wanted to rush her to the hospital, there was no time and it was Dusty who coached her through it and delivered the baby.  A special bond was formed between them as a result.  Dusty then rushed both Jennifer, who was suffering complications, and the baby to the hospital.

Dusty was there with Jennifer every step of the way at the hospital.  This time Dusty couldn't protect her from the pain as she got the news that her baby just hadn't been strong enough and had died.  It was Dusty that she leaned on when she learned the news and who went with her to say goodbye to her son.  It was Dusty who stood by her and who she continued to turn to as she went through the heartache over the next few days of saying goodbye to her son.  Meg was not happy that Dusty was spending so much time with Jennifer, but it was something he wanted and felt he needed to do for her.

Jennifer had a hard time accepting that her baby was dead.  Jennifer went to the church when Gwen Norbeck's baby, now in the care of Jack and Carly Snyder, was christened.  Gwen's baby had been born the same night as Jennifer's.  Jennifer was sure she heard her own baby crying there.

 Even though Dusty thought it might be too soon, Jennifer returned to work to try to take her mind off her loss.  Once more Meg had her plans upset by Jennifer.  Meg hoped to surprise Dusty on a business trip only to find Jennifer there with him.  Dusty said it was only business but also made it clear he wasn't happy that Meg had surprised him and and she soon left.  Jennifer however wasn't so sure she wanted to keep it strictly business and came on to Dusty.  Despite his attraction to her, Dusty convinced Jennifer this wasn't right.  He knew there was something more going on with Jennifer despite her denials.  A few days later the truth came out, but not before Jennifer had kidnapped the baby that she thought was hers; Gwen Norbeck's baby.  The truth Jennifer had been hiding was she was now addicted to crystal meth.

Jennifer was then committed to a mental institution to get over her addiction and to face the fact her baby was dead.  However Dusty believed her that the baby might actually be alive and arranged a trip to Tampa to see the nurse that had been on duty that night at the hospital.  At the same time Meg had secretly had a DNA test run that proved that the baby thought to be Gwen's was in fact Jennifer's.  She flew to Florida to share the good news with Jennifer.  What she hadn't expected was that Dusty and Jennifer were growing closer.  She got up to their hotel room only to find them in bed together.  She did however hear Jennifer say that she couldn't be with Dusty until she found her baby.  Paul had followed Meg to Florida and was attempting to convince Meg to not share the news.  Meg returned to Oakdale without telling anyone.

Paul convinced Meg to go along with his plan by assuring her that she would get Dusty if Jennifer didn't have the baby.  She helped with one more deception and switched her blood with Jennifer's so that it would show that "Jennifer" couldn't be the mother of the baby.  Jennifer was finally convinced.  She pushed Dusty out of her life as he was too much of a reminder of her loss.  Dusty moved on and started a relationship with Meg and they moved in together.  It seemed Meg's plan had worked.

Meg wasn't able to live with the deception and finally pointed Dusty in the right direction to find out the truth that the baby in fact was Jennifer's.  Dusty was finally able to do what he had wanted to for so long and returned the baby to Jennifer.  The truth came out that Craig had switched the babies and Paul and Emily had kept the truth from Jennifer.  Meg had managed to conceal her part in it, but not for long.  Soon Dusty discovered the truth, confronted Meg, and kicked her out of his life.  Dusty immediately went to Jennifer and told her that she was the one he really loved.  Jennifer had been trying to deny her feelings for Dusty, but once she confirmed that things were really over between Meg and Dusty she declared her love for Dusty.  Dusty and Jennifer finally had the chance to start the life together that they had both been wanting for so long.

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