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Jennifer Ferrin has been getting lots of buzz in the press and around the internet.  Here you'll find some of the great things people have been saying about her.



From the critics:

Similarly, Ferrin -- a former Daytime Emmy nominee for her work on As The World Turns -- has been styled as an almost perfect reincarnation of Madeleine Carroll, who played Pamela. More importantly, she so deftly distinguishes all three of her characters, you might not realize they're being played by the same actress.   Theatermania

Jennifer Ferrin plays the three very different female roles, and she's excellent in eachPhiladelphia Inquirer

Edwards and Ferrin are at their best in these moments, almost playing it straight. They let the language work its magic instead of relying on exaggeration and aggressive underlining that marks much of the other, sillier bits of comedy. It's that persistent winking at the material that sometimes dilutes the comedy's effectiveness.  Associated Press

Jennifer Ferrin does terrific work in several female roles, including a thickly accented German spy and the icy blond heroine played so memorably by Madeleine Carroll in the film.  Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

Jennifer Ferrin excels at all three of her roles, switching effortlessly from the dark and mysterious Annabella to the lonely farmwife Margaret to the prim, goody-two-shoes Pamela.  Tufts Daily

In a variety of female roles (some drag work covers others), Jennifer Ferrin plays Pamela, the archetypal cool blond played by Madeleine Carroll in the film. But Ferrin is even more hysterical as a thick-accented German babe who gets offed in the hero's flat  Variety

Jennifer Ferrin is also a prize, a beauty in each of the half-dozen mysterious characters she inhabits. She could convince any man to become a war-era spy  Somerville Journal

Jennifer Ferrin gives rich variety to the three different women she plays

As the ill-fated Marlene Dietrich-like Annabella Schmidt, the haughty blonde trouble maker cum love interest Pamela, and the earthy Scottish farmer's wife Margaret, Jennifer Ferrin is delightfully mercurial. She juggles her comic and romantic moments with ease and adds an understated lusty spark to her various personae  Broadway World


From the actors and crew members:

Aitken also points out that “Hitchcock transformed the original 1915 book by putting a woman in the film — he felt that was a grave omission.” At the Huntington, all three female roles are played by Jennifer Ferrin. “It’s marvelous to find an American girl who can slide effortlessly into these three types,” says the director. Madeleine Carroll plays the “icy blonde” role in the film; here, says Aitken, the part is “more Garbo-esque.” - Director Maria Aitken, Boston and Broadway productions of The 39 Steps - The Phoenix - September 4, 2007

I would give Jen Ferrin my vote for supporting actress.  She is well trained, talented, devoted, and has also really laid out consistently, which is the real key for being worthy of an Emmy, I think.  It’s the volume of great performances, and she’s got them. - Cady McLain picks for the Emmys.  4/14/06

But I'm so happy for Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer), who has put in so much this year. - Terri Colombino (Katie) on the 2006 Emmy nominations for TVGuide Online

"I was at home watching THE VIEW. I was actually more excited for the other actors than I was for myself. I was more shocked for myself, but I called Jen Ferrin and was like, 'Jen Ferrin! Jen Ferrin!' And she was like, 'What?' I was like, 'I have good news!' -
Jennifer Landon (Gwen) regarding Emmy nominations - Soap Opera Digest, February 28, 2006

"Jennifer [Ferrin, Jennifer] is so beautiful, I can put just about anything on her and it looks good." - Key Makeup Artist Eldo Ray Estes - Soap Opera Digest December 13. 2005

"Jennifer Ferrin is a class act.  Her work is starting to resonate tones of Meryl Streep and that whole class of actresses.  She has great depth and she's obviously channeled into something - maybe it's because her boyfriend (Quincy) is in town now. (laughs) - Grayson McCouch (Dusty)  - Soap Opera Weekly 7/19/05

"She is devastatingly beautiful!  Your cast members have said she's an amazing actress." - Ricky Paull Golden  - Online Interview at - April 2005

"Their characters are written so different, it's tough to compare. Terri plays this quirky, romantic comedy...sweet, but a little sneaky at the same time. It's a lot of fun and it's refreshing. Jennifer is a lot more serious. I feel incredibly fortunate to be working with both of them. - Mark Collier (Mike) at SOD Online

Who's the most serious on ATWT?  "(Trent) Dawson: Mmmm no. Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer) is pretty serious.   (Terri)Colombino:  Yes that's true." - Soap Opera Digest - 3/08/05

"Everyone is so nice, Jennifer (Ferrin, Jennifer) especially.  She's so sweet." - Christina Chambers (ex Molly) at

"She's so talented, right out of school!" - Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara) - Soap Opera Digest November 4, 2003


From the magazines:

Every moment of Jennifer's demise was crafted with painstaking care - emphasis on pain.  Jennifer Ferrin gave Jen the best deathbed scenes since Tony Jones on General Hospital, whether she was pluckily relling Paul to "just straighten up," cradling Will as he sobbed like a baby, or thanking Hal for loving her when she wasn't even his daughter. - hit...or miss!  HIT - Soap Opera Weekly 8/08/06

I had remained immune to Jennifer Ferrin's (Jennifer) Emmy-nominated charms - which seemed mostly non-stop crying - until her final storyline.  But in the last days, Ferrin infused Jennifer with such grace and radiance that I couldn't help but admire her skill.  I was tremendously moved by the character's death.  Her farewells to her family  were beautifully scripted and acted by everyone involved. - Mimi Torchin - Still Speaking my Mind -  Soap Opera Weekly 8/08/06

Pressured from all sides and unsure of her own mind, Jen was caught in a tempest but Ferrin never lost her grip on her character.  This was one decision Jen could not make impulsively, and with hr altar ego's future on the line, Ferrin's performance has us anticipating even greater drama to come! - CBS Soaps In Depth Gold Star June 2005

Thanks to Jennifer Ferrin's graceful, empathetic portrayal, Jen is a fully rounded person; not perfect, (nagging self-doubt and grudge-holding are flaws), but one of the few on soaps we can actually picture as a friend. - Soap Opera Digest Thumbs Up! 2005

Fans have never seen Ferrin's skills more clearly than when she showed Jennifer lost in a drug-addicted haze.  Soap Opera Weekly Performer of the Week 8/22/05

This was the payoff  viewers had anxiously anticipated and thanks to Ferrin, it more than delivered.  We wept as Jennifer held her infant son and cheered as she confronted Paul, but kept some applause in reserve for Emmy night! - CBS Soaps In Depth God Star January 24, 2006


From the fans:

The cast is truly divine, with 4 actors playing at least 60 roles in 1 hour and 45 minutes! The two leads, Charles Edwards (who played the role of Richard Hannay in London) does an excellent job as the archetypal Hitchcockian hero; Jennifer Ferrin is marvelous in playing three very different roles: Annabella Schmidt, the mysterious lady in black with some key inside information relating to the central plot (which I am not going to reveal!); Pamela, the “accidental” love interest who is also the “quintessential blond” that one finds in many Hitchcock films; and Margaret, the ever suffering wife of a very mean-spirited Scottish farmer....more - 4/27/08 Beth on

Jennifer's death on ATWT broke my heart.  Thanks to Jennifer Ferrin's remarkable portrayal, I am more involved than I have been in years.  She gave an Emmy-winning performance. - K.N., NY, NY Soap Opera Digest 8/01/06

Jennifer Ferrin's performance was also striking as the mother who was mislead of her baby's supposed "death" that she became a meth addict. As Jennifer Munson, Ferrin did her portrayal of this character justice. - Catesa online comment in response to Emmy predictions. 3/24/06

There couldn't have been a dry eye anywhere on Monday as Jennifer heard and reacted to Paul's confession. The heartbreak was already unbearable as she tried to comprehend the full meaning of her brothers words...that the love of her life was suddenly gone, and in a most horrible and violent way. It quickly went from heartbreaking to gut-wrenching, seeing her break down not only over her own tremendous feeling of loss, but also as a mother thinking of the loss her child is going to feel. It was impossible to not share in her pain. Jennifer Ferrin's performance was absolutely flawless. - Letter Rip at 3/11/06

The best part of the story for me is Jennifer's reaction. I am loving "take no prisoners" Jennifer. Her reaction seems so real and right on. Whoever thought Jen was weak can forget that now! Kudos to Jennifer Ferrin. - Letter Rip at - March 4,2006


The last couple of days have demonstrated why Jennifer Ferrin and Grayson McCouch were nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards. Their chemistry and acting are superb and that's why they are our favorite couple. - Letter Rip at 2/18/06


I have enjoyed watching the performances of Jennifer Ferrin as Jennifer throughout this entire storyline; she has been phenomenal - her Emmy nomination this year was dress rehearsal for her win next year. - Reggie Jackson - Two Scoops- Soap Central

Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer, AS THE WORLD TURNS) has portrayed a drug-addicted, grieving mother better than anyone I have seen in a long time.  She finally got a chance to sink her teeth into the role of Jennifer and she’s biting right through.  She could have fooled anyone.  Ferrin must have gone into a drug den somewhere to study now drug addicts behave.  Love her, love her, love her.  The girl is phenomenal!  S.A., New York, NY - Soap Opera Digest 2005

Over the past few weeks, As the World Turns’ Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer) has impressed me with her portrayal of a mother who lost her baby.  Even when I think she can’t top herself, she does.  She makes me truly believe Jennifer’s pain and understand how her world has been shattered.  After these performances, it’s safe to say that not only is Ferrin one of the most beautiful women in daytime, but she’s one of the most talented as well.  – Janice Green, Washington, D.C. - Soap Opera Weekly 2005

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