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Charles Edwards and Jennifer Ferrin rehearse a four-actor stage adaptation of "The 39 Steps." (John Bohn/Globe Staff)

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39 Steps BOSTON

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The pre-Broadway run of The 39 Steps completed at the Huntington Theater in Boston to great reviews.

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John Buchan’s THE 39 STEPS – memorably filmed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1935 – has been a huge hit on the London stage and now comes to the United States to take the stage at the Huntington Theatre in Boston.

The show actually sticks closely to Hitchcock’s celebrated 1935 screen version of the tale, which itself introduced a sly humor and sexiness to the chaste and earnest original book. This means that when Buchan’s intrepid hero Richard Hannay goes on the run after being falsely accused of murder, he famously ends up handcuffed to a beautiful woman as he dodges the police and an international spy ring across the Scottish moors. Literally nothing has been cut from this HILARIOUS AND SPECTACULAR version of this spell-binding thriller – legendary scenes include THE CHASE ON THE FLYING SCOTSMAN, THE ESCAPE ON THE FORTH BRIDGE, THE FIRST THEATRICAL BI–PLANE CRASH EVER STAGED, THE RATHER PROVOCATIVE ‘BEDROOM’ SEQUENCE and the death-defying (or nearly!) FINALE AT THE LONDON PALLADIUM!

The 39 Steps Summary:

This classic British thriller was one of Alfred Hitchcock's first major international successes, and it introduced a number of the stylistic and thematic elements that became hallmarks of his later work. Richard Hannay,  a Canadian rancher on vacation in England, attends a music hall performance by "Mr. Memory."  In the midst of the show, shots ring out and Richard flees the theater. Moments later, a terrified woman begs Richard to help her; back at his room, she tells him that she's a British spy whose life has been threatened by international agents waiting outside. Richard is certain that she's mad until she reappears at his door in the morning, near death with a knife in her back, a map in her hand, and muttering something about "39 Steps." Discovering that a group of thugs are indeed waiting outside, Richard slips away and takes the first train to the Scottish town on the dead woman's map. Richard learns that he's now wanted by the police for murder, and he must find a way to clear his name. He begins trying to do so with the help of a woman he meets en route, Pamela, who serves as his unwitting assistant, even after she tries to turn him in.

The cast and director - (Courtesy of The Huntington Blog)

Charles Edwards – This English actor received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Richard Hannay in the London West End production of “The 39 Steps.” He has been seen in the films “An Ideal Husband” with Rupert Everett and Cate Blanchett, “Mansfield Park,” “Batman Begins,” and stars in the upcoming UK film “The All Together” with Martin Freeman.


Jennifer Ferrin – is an Emmy Award-nomated actress (Best Supporting Actress in a Daytime Drama and Best Younger Actress in a Daytime Drama) who landed a role on CBS’s “As The World Turns” (Jennifer Munson), immediately after graduating from the North Carolina School of Arts. A regular on series television, Ferrin starred in the acclaimed miniseries “The Kill Point” with Donnie Wahlberg and John Leguizamo.

Cliff SaundersToronto-based Saunders is a film and television actor with numerous credits in the U.S. and Canada. He played the Stage Manager in the award-winning film version of the musical “Chicago,” as well as in such American television “Monk,” the “Eloise” movies and, fittingly, a 1988 episode of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.”

Maria Aitken is the acclaimed British actress and director. She played leading roles at the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal National Theatre and the Old Vic, and has starred in more Noel Coward plays in London’s West End than any other actress. She has produced a series of acting master classes for the BBC, one of which was her own High Comedy class. Recently, Aitken has focused on directing, having helmed the award-winning London production of “The 39 Steps.”


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