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Jennifer Ferrin Jennifer Munson, As the World Turns

In her role as As the World Turns' Jennifer Munson, actress Jennifer Ferrin is quickly discovering that what goes around, comes around. When her character caught her ex-boyfriend in bed with another woman, she refused to forgive him. Now Jennifer is praying that her current beau, Mike Kasnoff, can forgive her for cheating on him. Karma may be having its way with her on-screen alter ego, but in real life, Ferrin couldn't be happier, thanks to an Emmy nomination &#151 her first &#151 for outstanding younger actress. &#151 Delaina Dixon

Considering that Jennifer just cheated on Mike, does she still love him?
She's definitely in love with him. When they first got together, she told him that she wanted to take it slow because she knew she could fall for him, and she wanted to be sure. Things are kind of messed up right now.

Why did she jeopardize all that by sleeping with her business partner, Craig Montgomery?
She got really busy with her company, Street Jeans, and she and Mike started to drift apart. Then she saw Mike and his former girlfriend Katie hugging each other, and the thought of him going back to her upset Jen.

So she was seeking comfort when she showed up at Craig's door?
She really went up there to blow off some steam. She had no intention of ever getting together with him; it never crossed her mind. But Craig, at the time, was very encouraging and saying all the right things. It was awful.

Does Jennifer fear that Mike will never truly forgive her?
Absolutely, and she doesn't expect him to! But she's got to keep hoping that it will work out, because she loves him.

It's kind of weird &#151 she was in Mike's place when Jordan cheated on her.
That's actually the scene I submitted for my prescreen, when Jen finds Jordan in bed with Rosanna. My second scene was when Mike and Jen's car goes off the road, and they spend the night together under the stars. It's a nice, bubble-gum scene that's light and playful. It makes for a nice contrast.

Where were you when you found out that you had been nominated?
I was in the makeup and hair department. We had just watched the announcements on television [which did not include the younger actor and actress categories]. The producers called to let the hair department know they had been nominated, and I learned that I had been as well.

Were you surprised?
It's wild, and I'm just trying to take it as it comes. I think you start to feel like you have to live up to that nomination, but you just have to keep concentrating on your work.

Any idea what you'll wear to the ceremony?
I'm thinking something vintage. Last year I worked with a stylist, and I wore Bill Blass. It was this beautiful ball skirt and camisole, but it was so much fabric that it was a lot to keep up with at the end of the day. I think I'm going to keep it simple this year. I tried on a dress my boyfriend loved. He told me that it looked great, and I said, "I can't breathe in this. What if I have to stand up and get an award, and I pass out?"

Speaking of clothes, your character is a designer. Do you share her love of fashion?
I like clothes, but not the same kind of clothes that she does. I can sew on a button, and I've sewn a heart into the pocket of a pair of jeans, but I'm not a seamstress by any means. I do like to put together pieces to create funky outfits.

Roger Howarth, who plays your on-screen brother, Paul, is also nominated.
I used to watch Roger on One Life to Live when he played Todd Manning. When I got hired on ATWT, I saw a picture of the old Paul [then played by Scott Holroyd], and I thought that he looked nice; he kind of looked like my younger brother. Then I found out that Roger had taken over the part. I said, "Oh, my god, it's Todd &#151 I have to love the guy with the scar as my brother! That's so crazy." But it took no time for Roger and me to become friends. He's just great.

Let's pretend it's the night of the Emmy broadcast, and they are about to announce the winner for outstanding younger actress. If it's you, how do you think you'll react?
I love how you set that up; it gave me butterflies. What was your question? I'd probably turn to my boyfriend and scream, and my parents would be beside themselves. Who knows? I might go completely blank.

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